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Astronomers Telescope FAQs

*Aperture is the measure of light gathering ability, The larger the better

*Focal length is the distance between the telescope’s primary lens

*Refractors use convex lenses/ converging lenses to gather light

*Reflectors use concave mirrors/ converging mirrors to gather light

*Magnification is the measurement of the amount of zoom

For a beginner it is always recommended to start with any telescope that has an aperture of 3-6 inch and Space Arcade has a variety of brands to choose from.

Even if you're living in cities, it is easy to spot and capture bright planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & definitely the Sun (using Solar Filter) & the Moon in detail.

More than the budget its the investment consideration on something meaningful, although a 3inch to 4inch aperture scope is good to start with and it would cost you anywhere in the range of INR 10,000/- to 20,000/-

*Refractors can always be a good options for beginners for ease of use, budget-friendly and good for solar system objects in case of small aperture telescopes, but in case of moderate or intermediate slightly larger aperture telescopes, you should go for *Reflectors (or called as Newtonians) for more light gathering, less expensive and less errors.

Any new telescope always comes with all required eyepieces for initial viewing experience. But you can always improve your viewing experience by getting different Eyepiece, both for higher *magnification, larger Field of View & better contrast. A barlow lens is imp. for more magnification & photography of planets. Filters are important for the next level of experience and Solar filters are must-must have for Sun observations. An additional padded carrying bag should be purchased if you travel frequently, which will help to keep the telescopes safe & clean.

- The mount depends on the following and as per your need:

Alt-Azimuth mount (ALT-AZ) is a simple two-axis mount for small refractors and
reflectors, is acceptable for casual observation and has a very little pre-setup time. It gives the optical tube, UP-Down and Horizontal motions.

Equatorial mount (EQ) allows you to track an object by moving only one axis. This feature greatly enhances the utility of equatorial mounts. It gives the optical tube Arc motions, as to how any object moves in the actual sky. And, so it is better suited for stability during a continuous observation and also during Astrophotography techniques.

For planetary photography or lunar photography, you can connect your smartphone
to the telescope using a smartphone adapter, capture still photos and also
beautiful videos. For DSLR photography we have to use T-ring (as per your DSLR
brand) and T-adapter.

Collecting Mirror or lens of a Telescope is the most important and so aperture plays
the most crucial role. If you want an upgrade, you need to purchase a larger aperture
telescope and then use new and old equipment, for different kinds of requirements.
Smaller one can be used while traveling.

  • The most widely used apps available on iOS and Android Devices are:
         Google Play App Store
         Google Playstore App Store
         Google Playstore
         Google Playstore
         Google Playstore App Store


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mahesh kumarmahesh kumar
04:00 07 Jun 24
Very good experience with them, they are very responsive, One of best shop for buying binaculars and Telescopes..
Ena GoelEna Goel
14:31 30 May 24
We have had a great stargazing experience with the best in class telescopes as well as photography accessories from SPACE Arcade. Their knowledge and experience guided us to buy exactly what we needed and we are highly satisfied with their products, delivery as well as customer handling.
Dinanath DandavateDinanath Dandavate
11:55 18 May 24
Very grateful experience to select solar filter personally helped a lot
Swapnil BeleSwapnil Bele
09:13 17 May 24
Best service given by Space arcade..They were very supportive..Product received is amazing..Value for money..Looking forward for more such purchases from Space arcade..Thanks again and Best wishes 💐💐
Ajit SharmaAjit Sharma
13:27 13 May 24
Adding the review after almost a month. I loved their service, visited there twice and called them multiple times before deciding to purchase my first scope. They thoroughly assisted in deciding the best scope for me and even after purchasing they provided all the help I needed without getting annoyed by my simple and stupid questions.I'd love to visit there again and again whenever required over online marketplaces.**Image of my 150/750 scope and photos taken by it using phone.
07:25 21 Apr 24
The telescope (6-inch Dobsonion) worked very nicely and the delivery also was on time. I clicked these pictures using 25mm Eyepiece which gives 48x magnification with a #IPhone15 with a 10 second exposure time.
Shiv K. ChaudharyShiv K. Chaudhary
09:19 23 Mar 24
Indeed it was a pleasant experience visiting the place. The most impressive part is having multiple options. Mr. Anil Singh explained very nicely about the product. Dealing with him was a wonderful experience.
Ojas SobtiOjas Sobti
15:23 31 Jan 24
Pre sale, post sale & at the time of sale. Support & guidance that we got while finalising the right telescope for my 10 years kid is truly appreciated and professional.The telescope itself was delivered in perfect condition and my kid is enjoying it a lot ( only roadblock is Delhi’s climate) otherwise we all are enjoying the view it’s offering.Overall, great experience !!
Purushothaman MunusamyPurushothaman Munusamy
14:23 18 Jun 24
I am glad I got to know about this place. The people here are very patient & professional. They are one of the best in the business. You can tell them you requirement and blindly buy what they recommend. You won’t regret a bit.
Vasanth TrkVasanth Trk
13:35 12 Jun 24
I bought a solar filter with affordable price 😀.. response very well and budget frndly
Ram CindrellaRam Cindrella
11:55 06 Jun 24
One of the best place to shop a best telescope for beginners
Sutej MoreSutej More
04:42 28 May 24
Good quality and service
Abhishek KumarAbhishek Kumar
01:47 28 May 24
Thanks Space Arcade. I purchased Newtonian telescope and the product quality is superb. Also the technical support provided was very helpful.
Pranav KrishnanPranav Krishnan
15:53 04 May 24
I visited space arcade when I decided to buy a telescope and met with Neeraj who was very helpful and patiently explained all the pros and cons of the different types of telescopes available and helped me choose the best one for my requirements.I placed the order with space arcade and they kept me regularly updated on the status of the order and helped in the setup and gave me a demo.Overall, a very positive experience and would highly recommend to anyone interested in astronomy!
Nitin MishraNitin Mishra
16:58 30 Apr 24
Thank God..I landed in the right place for getting my first telescope. Being a novice I was not having any idea which telescope to go for. I must mention Mr. Neeraj from space arcade was pretty patient to answer all my dumb questions l bombarded him..he made me understand and helped me to choose the right telescope for me. Weight of the telescope is more than 35 kgs.. I was skeptical about the courier reaching safely..but it was so professionally well packed that the cardboard itself was like new..and reached within 3 days..I am having a pretty good time now with my telescope..Thank you so much Space Arcade!!
Raghav RaghavendraRaghav Raghavendra
05:18 18 Apr 24
Space Arcade is a genuine and trustworthy Telescope dealer in Chennai. Neeraj was very informative and transparent when choosing the right one and Prakash from his specialist team assisted me to assemble with full demo on the usage as well. I would highly recommend Space Arcade for your astronomical needs.
I've been an avid stargazer for the past few years, and the dream of owning a telescope always seemed a bit daunting, primarily due to the challenge of finding the right model that fits both quality expectations and budget constraints, especially when navigating through the vastness of online shopping. My journey led me to Shop Arcade.Upon visiting their office in Chennai, I was greeted by Neeraj, who proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable and patient. He provided a comprehensive explanation of various telescopes, attentively considering my stargazing needs and aspirations. His expertise helped dispel any confusion I had, making the decision process not just easier but also educational.The service didn't just stop at the sale; Shiril, a service professional from Shop Arcade, assembled the telescope at my home. His detailed demonstration and shared insights were invaluable, significantly enhancing my understanding and excitement about embarking on this new astronomical journey.The entire experience with Shop Arcade, from the first step into their office to the first gaze through my very own telescope, was nothing short of magical. The personalized service, the depth of knowledge shared, and the genuine enthusiasm for astronomy that both Neeraj and Shiril exhibited were remarkable.
07:21 25 Jul 23
Thanks a lot Space Arcade for the top level support on purchasing first telescope. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to buy telescopes & related products in India. They have been very cooperating with the purchase and delivery process. Also accepted a refund because one item was not compatible. Do make sure you get their recommendations while purchasing through WhatsApp. Go with them instead of Amazon

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World Leaders in Astronomical Equipments, Education & Services since 2001

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