If you are planning to get your first Telescope, you have come to the right place. We at Space Arcade, know Telescopes and Optics very well and are here to help you decide.

A Telescope basically is a optical instrument which aids to far off things closer and magnified like sun, moon, planets and other celestial objects in our night sky and applicable for day time viewing also nature, birds, wildlife, landscapes etc. Telescopes using convex lens as primary lens are called refractors and telescopes using concave lens as primary mirrors are reflectors. Both types of Telescopes have their own benefits and shortcomings. Larger the aperture of telescope more light will be collected, better image features and clarity. More the focal length, more magnification is possible, which can also be increased high power eyepieces and additional barlows lenses. Some of our best suggestions after a thorough Quality check and from most reputed brands of Telescopes are available for purchase below.

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