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Pie Matrix Griffin 1141000 Reflector Telescope

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The Griffin 1141000, as it’s name suggests is a very powerful and high-end reflector telescope, a truly great equipment to open up the wonders of the universe. It reveals moon’s craters, Jupiter’s moon, ring a Saturn, Star Clusters and more. It has smooth function azimuth(AZ) mount and complete stainless steel 304 grade tripod attached with infrared red dot viewfinder which allows easy navigation of the night sky for moon and star gazing. This telescope incorporates fully coated glass optics with high transmission coating for enhanced image brightness, contrast, and clarity. The telescope is a perfect combination of quality, value, features, and power.

Griffin Features:

  • Top-tier optics for HD astronomy photography
  • Complete metal body, AZ mount, and 304-grade stainless steel tripod for easy use
  • Modern infrared red dot viewfinder for a seamless celestial spotting
  • A high-quality telescope with a supreme finish.


Love space exploration? 

Griffin is an ideal reflector telescope for amateurs and astronomers at all levels who want to study the night sky and all its fascinating objects. The high-power equipment lets you easily learn about the solar system and the objects in space! The quick and easy no-tool setup equips you to observe the excellent web of stars in the deep dark sky above! The telescope offers brilliant, distinct views of the Moon, planets, star clusters, and more for an excellent evening viewing. Griffin provides the same star-locating technology found on our observatory-grade telescopes at a cost that is not heavy on your pocket.

The Space Is All Yours With Griffin:

The powerful telescope is everything you require to begin your journey to the stars. A red dot finder scope, an excellent eyepiece of 6 mm, and an adjustable metal tripod are all included with your telescope kit. With 3x barlow get 225X magnification to capture stunning HD images of the refreshing and mysterious space.

Don’t Listen To Those Space Stories; Live On Them!

The smooth Azimuth (AZ) mount and complete stainless steel 304-grade tripod make our sturdy telescope equipment for raised surfaces. We have inculcated glass-coated optics with high transmission coating to deliver authentic yet enhanced image brightness, contrast, and clarity of the cosmic beauties up above.

Deep Sky Objects:

The Griffin reflector telescope has the best optics available in the market and enough light-gathering capacity to offer breathtaking views of all the best celestial objects. Discover the solar system and deep sky objects, including the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. Continue your journey into outer space to see the Pleiades Star Cluster, Orion Nebula, and many other things. Even more, impressively detailed exploration of the Moon’s craters is possible with the brilliant lenses incorporated in the telescope.

HD Astrophotography:

Remember that the stars are brighter in space than on Earth. So, capture every inch of the celestial beauty. Our reflector telescope is an excellent option for planetary imaging due to its long focal length reflector and optical tube. The large aperture telescope performs seamlessly in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Galaxy Observation

Get ready to go beyond the Milky Way! Galaxies can be tough to view, unlike other deep-sky objects. They have diffused light, and their details are indistinct. Griffin has got you sorted with a powerful 42 mm objective diameter and 8X magnification for ultimate viewing of those breathtaking spirals in the universe.

Jupiter’s Bands and Moon’s

One of the stars in the night sky with the most brightness is the planet Jupiter. Observe the stunning bands of Jupiter and the four biggest moons as they move ceaselessly in a steady Newtonian dance with the planet. Witness the dead-steady sight from the comfort of your balcony.

Technical Specifications

  • Aperture: 114 mm
  • Focal Length: 1000 mm
  • Tripod: Adjustable Heavy Duty Steel Tripod
  • Tripod Colour: Electroplated Black
  • Focal Ratio: f/8.7
  • Resolution: 1.22 Arc Second
  • Maximum Magnification: 210X (with barlow)
  • Mount: Smooth Alt-Az Mount with Locking Mechanism
  • Lens/Mirror Type: Highly reflective aluminium/SiO2 coated mirror
  • Eyepieces: K25mm, K10mm, K6mm
  • Finder Scope: Optical Red Dot Infrared Scope
  • Accessories: 3X Barlow

Box Content:

  • Scope | Full Size Aluminium tripod | 3X Barlow Lens | 3 Eye Pieces | Accessory Tray | Telescope | Finder Scope | Adjustable full length tripod | Instruction Manual | Space Calendar | Lens Cleaning wipes | Smartphone Adapter | Bluetooth Mobile Shutter

Solar Warning

  • Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or with an optic (unless you have the proper solar filter). Permanent and irreversible eye damage may result.
  • Never use your optic to project an image of the Sun onto any surface. Internal heat build-up can damage the optic and any accessories attached to it.
  • Never leave your optic unsupervised. Make sure an adult who is familiar with the correct operating procedures is with your optic at all times, especially when children are present.

Recommended Accessories

  • 1.25″ 2X Achromatic Barlow – To get double magnification while observing your favourite objects. Mostly important for Lunar and Planetary observations & Photography.
  • Additional Eyepieces – Eyepieces serve as our arsenal, offering different magnifications for celestial objects. Higher magnification is ideal for detailed planetary viewing, while lower magnification and wide-angle eyepieces are suitable for capturing the vastness of deep sky objects. With a diverse collection of eyepieces, we can customize our observations for an immersive stargazing experience.
  • Eyepiece Filters – Colored filters can be an invaluable aid in lunar and planetary observing. They reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue.
  • Solar filter – Customized Solar Filter for optical equipment for observation and photography of sun during eclipses, transits or general Sunspots observation on solar disk.
  • T-Ring (Canon) – To capture photos with your Canon EOS DSLR using Telescope tube as high focal length lens for camera.
  • T-Ring (Nikon) – To capture photos with your NIKON DSLR using Telescope tube as high focal length lens for camera.
  • T-Ring (Sony) – To capture photos with your Sony DSLR using Telescope tube as high focal length lens for camera.
  • 1.25″ T-Mount/Adapter – To attach any DSLR directly in the eyepiece barrel when using in combination with DSLR T-Ring.
  • Customized Telescope Padded bag – Designed to keep your Telescope safe from sudden damages to optics and body, safe of dust and dirt, easy carrying solution.
  • Smartphone Adapter – With this universal smartphone telescope adapter, you can connect your phone to any telescopes or binoculars for digiscoping.