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T Ring for Sony

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  • Standard “T” Thread (42mm/.75 Thread).
  • Connect camera to telescope for direct, prime focus, photography convenient and easy.
  • Super easy to use, thread t adapter into t ring adapter, then thread the whole mount adapter into cameras to connect to telescope
  • Universal t adapter fits all standard 1.25″ diameter telescope microscope etc, t ring adapter is compatible for all standard 1.25″ lenses of cameras.
  • High quality metal materials and tight;non binding fit, solid and durable for long term use
  • Manual focusing, some short-focus camera or telescope’s optical tube may not be able to focus quickly, so it’s great for you use an additional extension tube or a barlow lens.

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  • Space Sony T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telescope or spotting scope.
  • To use the Space Sony T-Ring, remove the lens from your camera, and attach the T-ring in its place, just as you would if you were mounting a lens. The telescope side of the t-ring has threads that will accept a adapter.
  • You can take pictures of terrestrial and/or celestial scenes by using a Sony DSLR Camera , Space T Ring for Sony & T Adapter to turn your telescope or spotting scope into a large telephoto lens.
  • Used for Astrophotography , To connect with Sony DSLR Camera with your Telescope , Spotting Scope etc. *Generally fits with all Sony DSLR Camera. * Very High quality of Metal body and finishing that protects your Camera. * Require T Mount / Adapter Separately.

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