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Refractor Telescopes

A refracting telescope is an optical telescope; it is also known as a refractor.

This type of telescope has a lens as its objective to create an image. The refracting telescope is designed originally to use in astronomical telescopes and spy glasses. This telescope is also used for long-focus camera lenses.

Presently, most of the astronomers and astronomy experts use this refracting telescope to perform celestial studies in an easy manner. This telescope is perfect for both astronomical and terrestrial observing.

The refractor telescope contains a glass lens to gather light, which is bent or refracted to create an image. Orion refractor telescopes are used for providing crisp, high-contrast visions and are wonderfully matched to observation of bright targets such as the Moon, planets, and terrestrial subjects.

The refracting telescopes develop great starter scopes because they are highly moveable, easy to operate, and need virtually no upkeep. Short refractor telescope is also very useful. It utilized special glass and/or multiple-lens designs that are famous among serious astrophotographers.

Some refractor telescope come with various options for terrestrial and astronomical observing, microscope kits, and sun shields. With Catadioptric telescopes, you can see true-to-life images day or night. Catadioptric telescopes come in two main types which are Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov.

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