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Counter Weights

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Extra counterweight is used when adding additional equipment such as cameras or heavy accessories to your telescope or mount.



All counter weights are bright Nickel Coated.

Three variations are available as per your need. All these are designed for counter weight shaft under 15mm.

  • Counter Weight: 1kg
    Outer dia – 8 cm
    Inner dia – 1.5 cm
    Height – 3 cm
  • Counter Weight: 2 kg
    Outer dia – 10cm
    Inner dia – 1.5cm
    Height – 3.5cm
  • Counter Weight: 3 kg
    Outer dia – 8.5cm
    Inter dia – 1.5cm
    Height – 7cm

Please check your requirements as per the dimensions. The above counter weights are not designed for thicker counter shaft which comes in higher payload capacity EQ Mounts.

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