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Space Voyage 150EQ Newtonian Telescope

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  • 150mm Newtonian Reflector OTA
  • 750mm Focal Length, F/5 Focal Ratio
  • 1.25″ 25mm Focal Length Eyepiece
  • Highly reflective aluminized mirror with hard coating
  • 6×30 Finderscope with Bracket
  • Fully coated glass optical components with high transmission coatings
  • Astronomers Starter KIT for kick-starting your Astronomical Journey

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The Space Voyage 150mm F/5 EQ3 Reflector Telescope combines a wide-aperture Newtonian-style reflector with a solid and reliable manual German equatorial mount to give you a powerful, easy-to-use observation rig. It will help you to explore the lunar surface and planetary details, or reach out beyond our solar system to see bright deep-sky objects like clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. The telescope comes with fully coated glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity.

With its large aperture and fast focal ratio, the Space Voyage 150mm f/5 Reflector Optical Tube Assembly is an ideal choice for making detailed observations and capturing excellent astro-images of the moon and planets, with the capability to resolve distant objects like star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae. Its sturdy focuser accepts standard-sized 1.25″ diameter eyepieces, opening up a wide array of magnification choices from the near-limitless available options on the market.

Optical Tube

  • Large 150mm aperture is ideal for lunar, planetary, and deep-sky viewing
  • Fast f/5 focal ratio requires shorter exposure times to capture the same images as slower scopes, while producing brighter and wider observational views
  • 750mm focal length produces a moderate magnification potential and fast focal ratio
  • Newtonian reflector design produces a shorter and lighter tube, versus a similar refractor, for easier handling
  • Sturdy rack-and-pinion focuser can handle larger eyepieces and accessories without flexing


  • Mounting ring assembly allows the user to rotate the optical tube and orientate the eyepiece to the most comfortable position for any user
  • This German Equatorial mount (EQ3) offers RA and Dec slow-motion controls and setting circles.
  • Adjustable aluminum tripod with a accessory tray in included.

Included Accessories


  • 1.25″ diameter barrel
  • Accepts most 1.25″ astronomical filters
  • 25mm focal length Plossl eyepiece produces 30x magnification
  • 6.5mm focal length Plossl eyepiece produces 115X magnification
  • 2X Barlow would double magnification with each eyepiece going upto 230X


  • 6x magnification ensures a wide field of view for easier alignment and faster star-hopping navigation
  • 30mm objective won’t add excessive weight and bulk to scope
  • Mounting bracket included.


  • Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Aperture: 150 mm / 5.9″
  • Focal Length: 750 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Focuser: Single-Speed Rack-and-Pinion
  • Eyepiece Barrel Diameter: 1.25″
  • Optical Tube Length: 26.5″
  • Mount: German Equatorial
  • Resolution: 0.8 Arc Seconds
  • Color: Black
  • Eyepieces: 1) PL6.5mm 2) PL25mm
  • Magnification: 115X (with PL6.5mm) and 30X (with PL25mm)
  • Barlow: 2X
  • Moon Filter: Yes
  • Finderscope: 6X30
  • Visibility Can see 11.9 Magnitude star
  • Full-Size Aluminium Tripod: Yes
  • Instruction Manual: Yes


  • Weight: 14 kgs
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 90X50X30 cm
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty


In the Box


Solar Warning:

  • Never look directly at the Sun with the naked eye or with an optic (unless you have the proper solar filter). Permanent and irreversible eye damage may result.
  • Never use your optic to project an image of the Sun onto any surface. Internal heat build-up can damage the optic and any accessories attached to it.
  • Never leave your optic unsupervised. Make sure an adult who is familiar with the correct operating procedures is with your optic at all times, especially when children are present.

Recommended Accessories

  • T-Ring (Canon) – To capture photos with your Canon EOS DSLR using Telescope tube as high focal length lens for camera.
  • T-Ring (Nikon) – To capture photos with your NIKON DSLR using Telescope tube as high focal length lens for camera.
  • T-Ring (Sony) – To capture photos with your Sony DSLR using Telescope tube as high focal length lens for camera.
  • 1.25″ T-Mount/Adapter – To attached any DSLR directly in the eyepiece barrel when using in combination with DSLR TRing.
  • Customized Telescope Padded bag: Designed to keep your Telescope safe from sudden damages to optics and body, safe of dust and dirt, easy carrying solution.

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