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  • Use the planisphere wheel to navigate around the entire sky and to know what to see and when, at any time of the night and year.
  • Stargaze throughout the year.
  • Practical astronomy has never been easier.
  • Easy to use.


A planisphere is a circular diagram or chart that shows the night sky and the stars in it at a particular moment in time. It is a tool that is frequently used by students, stargazers, and amateur astronomers to quickly identify constellations, stars, and other celestial bodies that are visible from a specific location on Earth. Planispheres are made to be intuitive to use and offer a visual aid for comprehending how the positions of celestial objects change throughout the night and throughout the seasons.

We bring to you a very special and wonderful astronomical tool. Star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and all 88 major constellations are now within your reach in this Planisphere. Learn to find the addresses of these objects using this tool and go out to locate them in real time night sky!

What We Learn

  • Opens up young inquisitive minds towards observational learning and fosters scientific reasoning.
  • Learn why Sun sign constellation of that particular month is not visible in that month
  • Identify summer and winter zodiacal constellations.
  • Enhances observational and interpretation skills.

Planispheres are produced for specific latitudes because the portion of the sky you will be able to see depends on where you are on the Earth. The farther north you are, the more of the northern hemisphere stars you will be able to see but the horizon will block more of the southern hemisphere.

We have designed three Planisphere to be used across India. You can choose as per your nearest latitude for your city, state or region.

  • Planisphere – 10 Degree N (Southern Latitudes in India)
  • Planisphere – 20 Degree N (Mid Latitudes in India)
  • Planisphere – 30 Degree N (Northern Latitudes in India)

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10 Degree N, 20 Degree N, 30 Degree N

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