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  • Supports equipment load ranging from 13kg to 20kg.
  • Prioritizes stability for precise and consistent performance.
  • Incorporates strain wave gear reducer and synchronous belt
  • Provides enhanced control and achieves a remarkable 300:1 reduction ratio.
  • Designed to function as both an equatorial and altazimuth mount.
  • Control the mount via Wi-Fi, enabling wireless management.
  • Utilize Bluetooth connectivity for convenient control.

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New Gadget from ZWO is latest Harmonic Drive  Mount –  ZWO AM5 EQ/Alt-Azimuth Mount Head. This mount, created especially for astrophotographers, is the perfect addition to your astrophotography setup if you’re searching for a lightweight yet reliable mount arrangement for your astrophotography excursions. Not only will you be able to utilize an equatorial mount with a large load capacity that doesn’t require counterweights, but you’ll also have a mount that you can take with you to star parties or your preferred celestial imaging spot.


  • Model Number: ZWO-AM5
  • Mount Type: Dual Alt-Az/Equatorial
  • Type of Mount Electronics: Computerized – GoTo
  • Weight Capacity: 13kg w/out counterweight, 20kg w/ counterweight
  • Mount Includes Tripod or Pier?: Yes
  • Power Requirements: 12V – 3A
  • Power Failure Protection Included: Yes
  • Includes Manual Slow Motion Controls: No
  • Mount Slew Speeds: 6°/S
  • Motor Type: Harmonic Drive and Synchronous belt (Reduction Ratio: 300:1)
  • Stepper Motor Resolution: 0.17″
  • Mount Latitude Range (°): 0° – 90°
  • Azimuth Angle Adjustment Range: ±10°
  • Drivers Available: ASCOM
  • Includes Integrated WiFi?: Yes
  • Included Accessory Ports:USB, ST4
  • Includes GPS: No
  • Periodic Error Correction: Yes
  • Periodic Error Duration: 432 s
  • Saddle Type: Dual – Vixen or Losmandy
  • Hand Controller Included: Yes
  • Polar Scope Included: No
  • Mount Weight (lb.): 11.0231 lb.
  • Warranty: ZWO – 2 Years
  • Tripod Weight (lb.): 5.07 lb.
  • Tripod Leg Diameter (in.): 1.5″
  • Tripod Height Range (in.): 18.5″ to 31.49″
  • Tripod Leg Material: Carbon Fiber

What’s in the box

  • Case
  • AM5 Mount Body
  • 2m USB2.0 Cable
  • Performance Sheet
  • Quick Guide Brochure
  • Hand Controller
  • 2m Hand Controller Cable
  • M6 Allen key
  • M4 Allen key

Quick Summary

Load capacity
  • Without Counter Weight : 13Kg
  • With Counter Weight : 20Kg
Multi Function
  • Equatorial Mount
  • Azimuth Mount
Hand Controller + App For Control
  • Wifi  Connection
  • Live Star Database
Precision Control
  • Strain Wave Gear Reducer
  • Synchronous Belt
  • No Counter Weight Required
  • Support : ASCOMINDISkySafari
  • Compatible : LX200

Wireless Control

Rocker-style Hand Controller

Astronomy Dedicated Strain Wave Gear

ZWO jointly developed the strain wave gearing system with well-known domestic manufacturers based on the actual needs of astrophotographers. It comes with very low periodic errors, smooth gearing and high torque. The guiding accuracy is 0.5 -0.8 arc seconds, which makes the AM5 mount extremely suitable for astrophotography.

Power Failure Protection

ZWO’s AM5 EQ/Alt-Az mount head features a power brake system. If there is a power outage while using your telescope, the AM5 mount power failure protection design will keep it from falling and being damaged.

This feature is critical when it comes to the safety of your imaging equipment. You can keep your equipment balanced and safe by activating the brake system to stop the mount’s movements.

PE Curve Performance Guaranteed

The strain wave gearing system designed by ZWO is the result of collaboration with well-known manufacturers, and it was created with astrophotographers in mind.

The very low periodic errors, smooth gearing, and high torque are just a few of the amazing features of the ZWO AM5 mount that make it a must-have addition to astrophotography setups.

This ZWO mount has a guiding accuracy of 0.5 – 0.8 arc seconds. Performance is guaranteed by ZWO before each mount leaves the factory by measuring it and applying the unique PE curve!

All-round 0°- 90° Pitch Angle

  • Gear 1: Allow you to adjust the pitch angle grip to achieve a degree between 0 and 60.
  • Gear 2: You can loosen the hex-head screw and then adjust the pitch angel grip to achieve a degree between 30 and 90.


Video Installation Guide