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GSO 1.25″ Moon Filter

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  • This high quality filter transmits only 18% light.
  • It reduces glare and allows the user to relax the eye seeing more detail. It will also and most noticeably reduce the loss of night vision.
  • Some moon filters are made using a plastic cell that can quickly become damaged in use. This unit has a precision machined anodized aluminum cell with an accurate neutral density filter that cuts down on the glare and brightness of our brightest celestial neighbor.

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GSO’s Moon filter is an economical yet high quality eyepiece filter for reducing the brightness of the Moon so greater detail can be observed on the lunar surface. Has 18% light transmission. Green tint helps reduce glare and improve contrast. Has a standard 1.25″ filter thread (M28.5×0.6) so it can be screwed on to virtually any astronomy eyepiece or accessory that has 1.25″ filter threads.

Comes in a protective plastic storage box. Metal filter cell with high quality optical glass substrate (not plastic as some other similarly priced Moon filters). Made in Taiwan.


  • Fits in any 1.25″ with threaded bottom barrel and provides 18% transmission.
  • With it’s standard 1.25″ filter thread (M28.5×0.6), it can screw into any 1.25″ eyepiece.
  • Comes in a plastic case.
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