Refractor Telescope Making Lens KIT

507.631,524.58 (Excluding Taxes)

Refractor Telescope Lens KIT: Make your own basic DIY Telescope with these available lenses.


Refractor Lens

Available Objective Lenses

  1. Aperture 38mm | Focal Length 340mm – Achromatic Doublet Coated Lens
  2. Aperture 50mm | Focal Length 450mm – Achromatic Doublet Coated Lens
  3. Aperture 60mm | Focal Length 700mm – Achromatic Doublet Coated Lens

Available Eyepieces Lenses

1. 0.965″ | 25mm | Coated | Ramsden Eyepiece

Additional information

Optics Combination

38/340mm with 0.965" – 25mm Eyepiece, 50/450mm with 0.965" – 25mm Eyepiece, 60/700mm with 0.965" – 25mm Eyepiece

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