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Shoot the Alien

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Age Group 8+ age group
Sales Package Game Board-1, Mirrors-6, Laser Gun-1, Dice-1
Weight(grams) 400

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Some species living on a planet in a far-away galaxy have finally FOUND US. They need our resources, our land and want to capture our planet EARTH. Future of planets is in your hands. Save it..

*Innovative and engaging game for young learners.
*A great tool to understand and apply laws of reflections.
*Use the understanding of the science of light to direct the laser beam to target the aliens.

What We Learn

*Learn that light gets ‘reflected’ when it interacts with a shiny surface like a mirror.
* Explore the relation between the angle of incidence with the angle of reflection.

How To Play

The players challenge each other to shoot the aliens using light reflected by plain mirrors!