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Shadow Show Game

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Age Group 6 years and above.
Sales Package Project Torch, Shadow Story Sheet, 14 Slides, Instruction Sheet.
Weight(grams) 200

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This game acts like a live projector which gives you an opportunity to project the story of the first man to step on the Moon- Neil Armstrong! Host a shadow show for your friends and family and narrate the stories made by you. Be a producer,director and narrator of the entire play!

*An innovative and fun educational game.
* See the biography of Neil Armstrong come alive in your room.
* A wonderful tool to understand the formation of shadows.
* Great toy for expressing your child’s creativity

What We Learn

*Size and shape of the shadow depend on the shape and position of the object.
*Learn transparent materials cast no shadows.
*Build creative and imagination skills.

How To Play

Just insert the shadow slides in the projector box and you are ready.


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