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Gnomon Astrotech Rover Race Game Educational Board Games

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Rover Race Board Game

  • Age Group: 10+ Age group
  • Sales Package Rover race board game-1, Mission cards-32, Instruction sheet-1,
  • Dice-1, Pegs-4
  • Weight (grams) 400

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Gnomon Astrotech Rover Race Game Educational Board Games

Enjoy a day on Mars in the shoes of a Martian rover! This board game will take you through the highs and lows experienced by a rover on a critical space mission. Get a taste of what are the challenges faced by them and the happiness that is felt when different tasks assigned to them by scientists on Earth are achieved successfully.

Rover Race Board Game

Play this game with your friends and family and gain a fruitful experience.

  • Enlightens why humans wish to explore an unknown and dangerous territory like Mars.
  • Indicates technological advancements made by us to explore space.
  • The quests performed by rovers pave our way for the next level i.e manned space missions.

What We Learn

  1. What is a rover and it’s need?
  2. What kind of missions are assigned to rovers?
  3. What are the problems encountered by them on Martian surface?
  4. What are the achievements that can be gained by sending a rover on a space mission?

How To Play Rover Race Board Game?

  1. All players act as rovers and choose a peg.
  2. They get turns to move on the board signifying the Martian surface.
  3. They face challenges and achievements depending on the block they land on. They gain mission cards with achievements.
  4. The player who gains all the mission cards first, wins!