Pop Rocket

338.98 (Excluding Taxes)

Age Group 4 – 8 Years
Sales Package One piece launcher Base +One piece of Rocket -+Instruction sheet.
Weight(grams) 251
Warranty 6 Months

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Pop Rocket: It’s not rocket science’. You might have used this phrase when referring to something which is not very difficult to do. The ‘POP rocket’ breaks this general notion and is here to prove that rocket science can be FUN! This unique rocket launcher and rocket duo is portable, small sized and very light. Launch pop rockets as high as 20 ft. using a chemical fuel that is readily available in your kitchen!

* Witness Newton’s laws of motion in action.
* Your chance to be a rocket scientist.
* Experiment with different quantities of fuel to vary the rocket flight.

What We Learn

* Understand the working of a real rocket.
* Realize the importance of each part of the rocket.
* Explore the dependence of rocket flight on parameters like amount of rocket fuel.
* Get introduced to Newton’s laws of motion in an innovative way.

How To Play

Make a fuel sachet as instructed. Fix it in the launcher. Add water in your rocket and connect it to the launcher. See your rocket fly high with a ‘POP’ sound.

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