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Map Mania…….mapping the unknown!!!

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Age Group 10+ age group
Sales Package Game Board-1, Game Points-60, Color Coins-60, Building Blocks-100, Dice-1, Pegs-4, Instruction Sheet-1.
Weight(grams) 400

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‘Topography’ means the surface features of a place. Topographical maps are excellent planning tools and guides as they help make Earth and space exploration possible and safe. Play this game and experience the entire process of how scientists are able to create detailed topographical maps of celestial bodies and get introduced to a very useful technique of ‘laser altimetry’.

*Act like scientists to create a surface map.
*An educational and fun board game.
*Explore the surface like rovers.

What We Learn

*The role of satellites in collecting data needed to create a map.
*How scientists create a map using the data?
*The analysis of a topographical map.
*Introduction to rovers as space crafts that explore a surface in real time.

How To Play

The game proceeds in three stages.
1. Creating a topographical map
2. Simulating its 3D surface on the board.
3. Passing challenges as posed by the opponents.