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Light Navigator

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  • Age Group 10+
  • Sales Package Convex lens-1 no, Concave lens-1 no, Game instructions with experiment board, Light torch, Board game.
  • Weight(grams) 300

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Light Navigator

This is a one of its kind game where the child gets to learn as soon as the game box opens up! Starting from how convex lenses look like to how they interact with light passing through them, learning was never this much fun! Gift this to your child and get relaxed for a lifetime as this game will introduce a new world to them. This game is 2 in 1- On one side, it is fun board game and the other it can also be used for never ending experiments! Let the child don a labcoat and start exploring the world of optics.

  • The power to control the path of light in your hands.
  • Experiment with properties of light in an unconventional way.
  • Unbreakable and unique lenses inside.
  • Act like a scientist and do several experiments.

What We Learn

  • Learn that light interacts differently with different materials.
  • Realize that light bends when it passes through lenses.
  • Explore that convex lens ‘converge’ light rays and concave lenses ‘diverge’ them.
  • Learn the uses and properties of lenses.

How To Play

Use the lenses to guide the light and illuminate the houses challenged to you!