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Hydro Rocket Launcher

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Hydro Rocket

  • Age Group 10+ Years
  • Sales Package One Qty of Rocket + Instruction Sheet
  • Weight (grams) 200
  • Warranty 6 Months

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Hydro Rocket Launcher

A must buy if you wish your child to be a rocket scientist in the making! This unique rocket has the power to launch rockets to a height of 100-150 ft. The rocket uses an inexpensive and easily available fuel- water. Using this launcher, launch self made rockets at different angles each time to test for highest and farthest flight.

Enjoy doing rocket science in your backyard.

Ignition start.
Lift off!

* Low cost and sturdy
* Hand-held
* Portable and very light
* Uses fuel as cheap and easily available as WATER!

What We Learn

* Provides a mesmerizing experience of launching self made rockets on your own.
* Excellent device to investigate “Newton’s three laws of motion”.
* Demonstrates complex technical designs with ease.
* Helps in exploring the relation between launch angle, range and amount of launch fuel.

How To Play

1. Make your own rockets as instructed.
2. Fill fuel in the rocket.
3. Attach the rocket to the launcher.
3. Pressurise the rocket using compressed air.
4. Get. Set. Launch!

Hydro Rocket Launcher YouTube Video Link: