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Just imagine some astronauts floating in space some hundreds of kilometers above your head. You might have your mother managing your diet continously but who does it for them? You may not realize but not eating ‘right’ for them can even jeopardize the entire space mission! Act like food engineers, learn about various food groups and strike a balance among various food items to plan the right food for astronauts and even yourselves. How? Just by playing this game. Could it be any simpler?

*Memorizing which food belongs to which food groups was never this easy.

* Inspires us all to plan our diet and eat healthy.

What We Learn

*The role of balance diet in maintaining the health of an astronaut in space.
*Various types of food group.
*To identify various dishes that fall under a particular food group.
*The importance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in growth and development.
*A healthy meal is a meal which includes food from all groups.

How To Play

1. The players get play tickets and the playmaster gets the food-o-naut wheel.
2. Playmaster spins the wheel and announces a food item while players decide which food group it belongs to and cross boxes in their play tickets.
3. Scores are given according to rules.
4. The player with maximum marks, wins.