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DIY Truss Building Kit

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DIY Truss

  • Age Group 10+ age group
  • Sales Package Small Sticks-32, Big Sticks-10, Long Screws-12, Nuts-36
  • Instruction Sheet-1.
  • Weight (grams) 500

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DIY Truss Building Kit

Does your child keep breaking, opening and joining things? Is he an engineer in the making?

Track him to the right path by gifting this kit to him/her. Turn him into an engineer and let him design, build and test trusses on his own! This kit inspires them to look around and notice what makes a structure strong? How are buildings, bridges, and even satellites made so strong?

  • Enhance your child’s hands on skills.
  • We challenge you to build the strongest truss ever.
  • Design different structures on your own and test their sturdiness.
  • Create many items of different utilities for your home.

What We Learn

  • Discover that truss is the most reliable backbone of many mega structures.
  • Investigate that a triangle is the strongest shape and it makes the truss sturdy.
  • Learn to design strong trusses.

How To Play

The kit contains different wooden sticks, screws and nuts. The child can create different structures, test their strength and also create innovative items for their house.