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Constellation Viewer

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Age Group 6 + Years
Sales Package 01 Constellation Viewer , 24 Constellation Slides , 1 Constellation Poster.
Weight(grams) 350
Warranty 6 Months
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Children are natural observers. They are amazed to see so many twinkling stars in the night sky. The constellation viewer imbibes their love for observational astronomy and inspires them to recognize constellations, their shape and what pattern they represent in the beautiful night sky.

* Offers a platform for easy learning of constellation names and patterns.
* Go out and recognize constellations in the real time night sky!

What We Learn

*Understand that constellations are a group of stars forming a pattern.
* Observe and learn the constellations by memorizing the recognizable patterns.

How To Play

Insert a slide in the constellation viewer and try to identify the constellation. Don’t worry if you fail, the ‘famous constellations’ poster has got you covered.