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Air Rocket Launcher

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Youtube Video Link https://www.youtube.com/embed/A2UC35HSCYY
Age Group 8+ Years
Sales Package One Qty ofRocket + Instruction Sheet.
Weight(grams) 500
Warranty 6 Months
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he unique rocket launcher has the power to launch rockets high up in the sky. It involves the flight of rockets using compressed air as the motive force. Host rocket launching competition in your neighborhood and have fun learning rocket science along the way!

* Low cost and low maintenance
* Hand-held
* Portable and very light
* Uses fuel as cheap as air.
* Launches rockets up to a height of 60-70 ft!

What We Learn

* Gives a fascinating experience of launching rockets on your own.
* Excellent device to investigate “Newton’s three laws of motion”.
* Demonstrates aerodynamics in the most simple and fun way.
* Helps in exploring the relation between launch angle, range and amount of launch fuel.

How To Play

1. Make your own rockets as instructed.
2. Attach a commonly available soft drink bottle to the launcher.
3. Pressurize the bottle using compressed air.
4. Attach the rocket to your launcher.
5. Get. Set. Launch!