A Day on Earth......a journey of time

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This is a fun board game for kids of age group 6 years and above. Ever since they were born, they have been experiencing day and night. But do they know it is because the Earth which is moving and not the Sun as it appears? Do they know that the different parts of the day like morning, afternoon, evening and night are governed by the position of Sun with respect to their location on Earth? Why do all countries not have the same part of the day at a time? All these are complex concepts to realize. But not anymore!

Just spin the Earth wheel and decode how Earth and Sun play with each other to cause day and night.


* Makes the child understand the occurrence of day and night in a very simple way.
* Family and friends can sit, enjoy and learn together.
* Introduce the concept of the time zone to your kids.


What We Learn

* Rotation of Earth causes night and day.
* One full day comprises different parts- morning, afternoon, evening and night.
* At a particular time, two countries on Earth can have different parts of the day depending on their position on the Earth.

How To Play

1. All players get equal cards they make a deck.
2. Spin the wheel and check the time of the day in the country as indicated by the pointer.
3. Players lose the top card in their deck if it matches the indicated time and country but they retain the card in case it doesnt.
4. The player whose cards get finished first, wins!


Age Group6 years and above.
Sales PackageGame Board, Playing Cards.

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